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Project Management

Our team at Proshare Services has years of valuable experience managing projects and people. At Proshare Services, we look at projects holistically. Not only do we work with each division of your business to properly execute a project management system that everyone can follow, but we work with your stakeholders to ensure their safety and environmental needs are met.

With our ability to quickly upscale and downscale project needs, our consultants are able to work within your organization to optimize company strategies and reduce project costs.

Schedule a free consultation with us to learn how we can refine your workflow.

Cost Tracking, Reporting, & Auditing Services

At Proshare, we provide cost tracking, reporting, and auditing services to achieve best-in-class project delivery while benchmarking costs so that we can enhance your organization’s future projects. These reports are effective tools in revealing true project costs and identifying monetary waste.

Front End Economic Analysis

At Proshare, we can support your organization with upfront cost analysis that ranges in sensitivities. By analyzing your costs, our team can help you determine both immediate project costs and future maintenance and operation costs—improving your organization’s cost management in the long run.

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